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Multi-Function Vibration Monitor

Multi-Function Vibration Monitor

Multi-function Vibration Monitor intelligent data acquisition terminal can measure a variety of parameters.

一、Function introduction

M-ins multi-function vibration monitor can measure a variety of parameters:







The latest ISO10816 international standard is built in. After measurement, red, yellow and green directly show the health status of the equipment. Computer - specific analytical diagnostic software, display screen support touch input.


It can measure the high frequency acceleration envelope value caused by bearing defect or gear meshing problem, as well as the temperature of bearing surface and the speed of equipment. It is well suited to detect early faults in machines, bearings and gears.It is a comprehensive measuring instrument for fault diagnosis of machine and bearing. With the advantages of multi-protocol compatibility and industrial grade design (IP64), it can be widely used in many industrial and mining enterprises.

 Niline explosion - proof type can be selected according to the working condition.

二、Technical parameters

Matching triangle shear type piezoelectric acceleration sensor

Internal infrared temperature sensor

Built - in non - contact photoelectric transmission sensor

Built-in RFID reader ISO14443A/B,

TFT-LCD65K display screen: support for touch input, resolution: 240 x 320 3.2 -inch QVGA color display, TFT - LCD, 65 k 

External interface, USB interface (10 pin, USB 2.0)

Memory capacity: 128 MB RAM / 1 gb of Flash storage

Expansion slot: a SIM card, PSAM card, SD card (TF), the largest support 8 g

Data storage: vibration value: 5000 group, 2000 1024 points waveform waveform.

Special power supply: 3.7 V 2000 mah rechargeable polymer battery, working current 10 ~ 40 ma (light laser) standby current 5 ma.Continuous working time is 20 hours.

Working temperature: 0 ~ 50 ℃, relative humidity: < 85%

Volume: 186.5mm×75mm×38.9mm  

Weight100g(Including batteries)

IP64, waterproof and dustproof design.


三、Vibration parameter measurement

1The measured parameters

Displacement peak

Maximum vibration distance between positive and negative directions -- rigidity of the base of the reaction equipment.

Instant effective value

Also known as vibration intensity -- to evaluate the intensity of machine vibration energy

Acceleration peak

Often used to evaluate the state of rolling bearings and gears

Effective value of high frequency acceleration package

The energy of high frequency acceleration envelope after various low frequency components associated with the rotating shaft are filtered - it mainly reflects the impact energy when rolling bearings and gears are damaged


2Range frequency and frequency response errors

The measured parameters


The frequency range


0.1 to 199.9 m/s2



0.1 to 199.9 mm/s



1 to 2000 µm

10 Hz~500Hz


0.1 to 30

Measurement accuracy

± 5%



 四. Spectrum analysis, fault diagnosis function

Measurement types: can the acceleration, velocity, displacement and envelope choose one of four types for testing

Frequency range: can choose the frequency range of 100 hz and 200 hz and 500 hz and 1000 hz, 2000 hz and 5000 hz and 10000 hz

View types: including diagnosis, amplitude spectrum, the time domain waveform analysis, power spectrum, logarithm spectrum, cepstrum

Measurement: according to the currently selected type and frequency range open measurement, until according to "stop the measurement".


五.Supporting equipment management software system

Bearing database

Strong analysis diagnosis function:

Rich printing function

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