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Four-Channel Advanced Vibration Analyzer

Four-Channel Advanced Vibration Analyzer

Four-channel advanced vibration analyzer has 12800 line resolution of spectrum, frequency range up to 25 KHZ, full-featured high speed dynamic analysis based on DSP, amplitude spectrum, power spectrum, logarithm spectrum, correlation, coherent, the transfer function...Various time domain characteristic values are shown, including peak value, peak peak value, effective value, peak mean ratio, skew degree, kurtosis degree.

一、Function introduction

1.ThFour-channel advanced vibration analyzer adopts the large size, and color LCD screen, clear and beautiful.The new  window-style interface is easier to use.

2.Multiple measurement, trigger, average methods, meet various needs.

3.Envelope demodulation gear bearing fault detection diagnosis with hardware, with the natural frequencies and critical speed resonance frequency speed measurement, measurement, phase noise measurement, diagnosis phase.

4.Stored/retrieved 50 groups of rotational balance data/record.Weight trial can be selected to remove or retain, weight trial quality estimation, dynamic balance results can be selected to decompose to the designated position.

5.Adopts double channel synchronization acquisition, 32 bit AD sampling, 64 times the spectrum refinement, USB2.0 interface can match software high-speed continuous acquisition, record axis path diagram.

6.For device can store 200 points (per point value of vibration frequency and frequency spectrum), 2000 segments waveform (minimum every 1024 points, the biggest optional 32768 points).

二、Technical parameters

1Basic parameter

Vibration value and spectrum analysis of frequency response


0.5 Hz~25 kHz


Low frequent ring



Dynamic balance and speed range

 70 ~ 30000 RPM

Automatic/manual range


The power supply

Rechargeable batteries

Overall dimensions

260*210*60 mm



Main engine working temperature


Working temperature of vibration sensor


High temperature sensor




Sensor type

Velocity, eddy current, piezoelectric acceleration


2Maximum range and resolution (measurement accuracy 1%)

Acceleration peak m/s



Velocity effective value mm/s



Displacement peak μm



Envelope valid values m/s2




三、Instrument acquisition function interface.

Single channel vibration value acquisition.           

Geometric analysis interface.

Four-channel vibration value acquisition.                     

Waveform analysis interface.

Speed measuring interface.                       

Long wave acquisition interface.


Four-channel advanced vibration analyzer status monitoring and fault diagnosis software.

The equipment maintenance database can be established to monitor the operation state of the equipment, so as to master the operation state of the equipment at any time. Once the vibration is found to be inclined to increase, the vibration data and waveform will be collected immediately for detailed analysis.

Fault causes can be found timely through spectrum analysis, waveform analysis, trend analysis, rotating speed measurement, phase measurement, phase diagnosis, etc., such as imbalance, misalignment, shaft bending, looseness, resonance, bearing, gear, motor, etc., so as to avoid further deterioration of equipment status and achieve the purpose of predictive maintenance.

Such as through the analysis of the problems of diagnosis for dynamic balance, then we can make use of VA - senior field dynamic balancing functions of the instrument, do dynamic balance, reduce the vibration.Mechanical vibration is 70% caused by imbalance, so this most basic function must be mastered.


、Service commitment

The machine is guaranteed for three years.

Free upgrade software.

Training of instrument operation and actual inspection.

System installation and debugging.

Set up a monitoring database of typical equipment. Guide to collect path data and train the operation of software with measured data.

Training of basic knowledge of vibration test, spectrum of knowledge, and the analysis of common failures - imbalance, in the wrong, loose, bearing analysis diagnosis problems.


VA - Ⅳ four-channel vibration analyzer packing list



Vibration analyzer


Piezoelectric accelerometer


Photoelectric speed sensor


Photoelectric sensor bracket


Magnetic bridge


The sensing line


Communication line


The charger


The software CD


Certificate of approval




Standard instrument box


The instructions









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