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Miniature Portable Vibration Meter

Miniature Portable Vibration Meter

The WTR-check-2 Miniature Portable Vibration Meter is an ultra-small vibration measuring instrument, which can measure vibration: acceleration/high frequency acceleration, speed, displacement, display peak value of vibration, effective value, peak value, can be used for various mechanical equipment status monitoring, and is an ideal tool for diagnosing equipment imbalance and fault.

一、Miniature Portable Vibration Meter Main Features

  • Built-in sensor, easy to carry, high reliability

  •  Optional external type sensor, and got a better measuring result

  •  LCD digital display

  •  Automatic maintenance of measurement data

  • True RMS measurement, measurement of good quality

  • Automatic delay power cut

  •  Built-in charge amplifier and integrator

  • Low voltage battery alarm

  •  Small volume, light weight, one hand can hold

  •  Multiple probe types

  • Passed the European CE certification standards

  • Using EX the explosion-proof certification




二、Miniature Portable Vibration Meter Technical Parameters

  • Vibration sensor: shear type piezoelectric accelerometer

  • Frequency response range, precision measuring range:


The measured parameters

Measuring range

Frequency response range



Vibration displacement (peak)


1-1999 μm

10-500 Hz



Vibration velocity (true effective value)


0.1-199.9 mm/s

10-1000 Hz


Vibration acceleration (peak)

0.1-199.9 m/s2

10-5000 Hz



Vibration high frequency acceleration (peak)


0.1-199.9 m/s2

1000-5000 Hz



  •  Working temperature: 0 to 40 ℃ (external);Relative humidity <85%

  •  Battery: making 6-9 v, can work continuously more than 25 hours

  •  Size: 129 * 60 * 24 mm

  •  Weight: 250 g (including batteries, sensors).




Note: The shear piezoelectric acceleration sensor can be either external or internal.




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