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Double-Channel Vibration Analyzer

Double-Channel Vibration Analyzer

VA - Ⅱ double-channel vibration analyzer, vibration measurement and analysis, data collection, trend analysis, fault diagnosis, hardware envelope demodulation, the field dynamic balancing, natural frequencies and critical speed resonance frequency measurement in one multi-functional analysis instrument.

一、 Function introduction

5 "true color screen display Chinese characters, a new menu interface, usb interface communication with computer operation more convenient, equipment condition monitoring and fault diagnosis software, establishing database of equipment, the equipment condition monitoring and diagnosis analysis.

32-bit AD sampling, 96 db dynamic range.

The FFT spectrum analysis, the vibration diagnosis function is strong.

Dual channel synchronous acquisition, 4 times spectrum refinement.

Fault diagnosis of bearing gear fault by means of hardpackage complex adjustment test.

Speed measurement, phase measurement, phase diagnosis.

Transfer function of natural frequency and static excitation test components.

Large screen graphics display vibration waveform and spectrum, the cursor list read music value, spectral peak.

The touch of the hand was very rough.(large, medium and small).

Superlarge storage space, 400 sets of vibration value data and 400 sets of double channel waveform are stored, the sampling length is 4096 points, and 50 sets of rotor balance data/records can be stored/replayed.

Equipment without disassembly, simple operation and high precision balance.

Vector diagram, balance calculation process and results at a glance.

Selective removal or retention test can be selected after measurement.

The balance of the results can be selectively decomposed to the fixed position.

According to rotor mass, rotating speed, weight radius and balance level, etc.

Try quality and location whether effective automatic judgment.


二、Technical parameters

1.Double-Channel Vibration Analyzer measuring and frequency response spectrum analysis: 0.5 Hz to 10 KHZ.

2.Dynamic balancing speed range: 120-60000 revolutions per minute.

3.The automatic range and the hand range are optional.

4.Can meet various types of sensors: speed, eddy current, piezoelectric acceleration, etc.

5.Rechargeable battery, continuous work 10 hours.

6.8 order elliptic mixed filter resistance, speed tracking band-pass filter.

7.Frequency spectrum analysis process: press 1,2,5 step 8.

8.Vibration measurement accuracy 5%.


Vibration measurement and spectrum analysis of maximum range/high resolution:


Measured parameters

Maximum range

Highest resolution

Acceleration peak

250 m/s2

0.001 m/s2

Velocity effective value

200 mm/s

0.001 mm/s

The peak displacement

5000 μm

1 μm

Envelope valid values

25 m/s2

0.1 m/s2

Effective voltage value

10 V

0.1 mV

Small size (210 * 130 * 40 mm), light weight (1200 g)

Can match equipment state monitoring software, establishing database of equipment maintenance, on the computer point of trend analysis, spectrum analysis and waveform analysis, one hundred line spectrum analysis, the three dimensional spectrum analysis, etc.

三、Service commitment

1.The machine is guaranteed for three years

2.Free upgrade software

3.Training instrument operation and software system use

4.System installation and debugging

5.Set up a monitoring database of typical equipment. Guide to collect path data and train the operation of software with measured data.

6.Training of basic knowledge of vibration test, spectrum of knowledge, and the analysis of common failures - of the imbalance, loose, inherent frequency detection equipment, bearing analysis diagnosis problems.


四、VA-Ⅱ Packing list of double channel vibration analyzer



Vibration analyzer


Piezoelectric accelerometer


Magnetic bridge


Guide line


The probe


Communication line




Software CD


Certificate of qualification




Photoelectric sensor


Photoelectric stents


Standard instrument box 






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