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VAS - Ⅳ Four-Channel Vibration Analysis System

VAS - Ⅳ Four-Channel Vibration Analysis System

VAS - Ⅳ four-channel vibration analysis system is an important mechanical equipment designed online condition monitoring and fault diagnosis.

一、  Function introduction

      1.VAS - four-channel vibration analysis system is mainly for oil, chemical industry, metallurgy, electric power, railway, machine tools, papermaking, cement, tobacco, textile and important equipment in the manufacturing of on-line condition monitoring and failure analysis of precision diagnosis.

2.VAS - Ⅳ four-channel vibration analysis system can be used for production field implementation;

3.Build equipment continuous online monitoring system;

4.Establish important equipment fault diagnosis system;

5.For multichannel dynamic signal analyzer and the single/double dynamic balancing instrument;

VAS - four-channel vibration analysis system function, high reliability and convenient use, etc.Equipment diagnosis system can be established to facilitate fault analysis and diagnosis of field equipment.The machine equipment (including bearing and gear) can be analyzed and diagnosed in detail, and various information reflecting machine status can be uploaded to microcomputer database for storage, precision diagnosis and trend analysis.Continuously monitor speed, vibration, amplitude, phase, current, etc.The software can monitor the vibration value of various parameters and time domain waveform in real time.It can save data for equipment fault diagnosis, dynamic balance and trend analysis.The fault equipment can be accurately diagnosed by analyzing the characteristics of time domain and frequency domain of vibration waveform, vibration value, phase, etc., and the vibration value can monitor the true effective value, equivalent peak value, true peak value and mean value of optional acceleration, speed, displacement and high-frequency envelope signals.And it has alarm function.

二、Product features

1. Vibration acceleration, velocity, displacement and high frequency envelope value continuous measurement of the acceleration, velocity and displacement parameters can choose; 

2. Four-channel synchronous data acquisition, can meet the ICP acceleration, the eddy current displacement or electromagnetic speed sensor and other sensors;

 3. Four-channel vibration synchronization acquisition different parameters of the original waveform;

4. Vibration analysis, including the time domain waveform diagram, frequency domain amplitude spectra, diagnosis in time domain, power spectrum, logarithm spectrum, cepstrum, etc;


Rev. Stop features: unit in rev. Stop the middle frequency harmonic amplitude or phase along with the change of rotating speed;

Axis path: display the same shaft cross-section into each of the installation of two 90 - degree axis vibration sensors measured vibration signal synthesis movement;

Transfinite alarm: each channel configuration two-level threshold respectively, dynamic waveform transfinite alarm automatically and save data;

Cascade figure: unit under different rotational speed in the process of rev. Stop every harmonic size trend along with the change of rotating speed;

The waterfall figure, the vibration spectrum changing trend over time;

Historical trend diagram: the trend of parameter changes over time;

Statements and print: list/graphics display or print various reports;

Waveform record/playback: timing/save/playback dynamic waveform data manually; 

Scene trigger sampling, level can be realized even collector;

32 bit A/D sampling, 180 db dynamic range;

16 order elliptic mixed filter resistance, cutoff frequency can be programmed Settings;

Frequency range automatically set to maintain the best range, can be set by users themselves through the computer software;

System is stable and reliable data transmission, quick speed; 


Provide speed measurement channel, also can be used as a trigger signal input, dynamic balance and speed range: 0-100000 r/min;

Precision hardware envelope demodulation;

Electrical isolation, reduce the ground loop interference, and improve the reliability and safety;

Can record the vibration of the long time data and waveform for equipment fault diagnosis;

Storage space with a computer hard disk space;

三、Technical indicators

1Maximum range/frequency range (when sensor sensitivity is 5PC/ms-2) :

Signal types

Maximum range

Resolution ratio

Frequency range

Displacement (peak)

5000 μm

1 μm

5- - 1000Hz

Velocity (effective value)

200 mm/s

0.001 mm/s

5 - 2000 Hz

Acceleration (equivalent peak value)

250 m/s2

0.001 m/s2

5 - 10000 Hz

High frequency envelope (effective value)

25 m/s2

0.001 m/s2

1KHz-25 kHz

2Vibration measurement accuracy: + / - 1%;Speed measurement accuracy: display value *1.0%;

3sensor type: ICP acceleration sensor, piezoelectric accelerometer, eddy current displacement or electromagnetic speed sensor;

4、Analysis frequency range: 5, 10, 50, 100, 200, 500, 1000, 2000, 5000, 10000, 20000 (Hz).

       5Sampling frequency: 128KHz.

四、Software features

Equipped with multi-functional monitoring and diagnosis software, vibration value online monitoring and alarm, trend analysis, time domain analysis, spectrum analysis, start-stop analysis, axis trajectory measurement, fault diagnosis expert system (rotor, shafting, sliding bearing, rolling bearing, gear box); 

high-speed dynamic analysis function, containing the amplitude spectrum, the original waveform analysis, time-domain diagnosis, power spectrum, logarithm spectrum, cepstrum, related, coherent, the transfer function..., various time domain characteristic values are shown, including peak value, peak peak value, effective value, peak mean ratio, skew degree, kurtosis degree...;

Multiple measurement, trigger, average methods, to meet various requirements;

Through three dimensional spectrum analysis of observed spectral change;

Spectrum diagram can order tracking and 25600 times more precise spectrum refinement;

Parking can detect axis path diagram and analysis;

Fault analysis software can also recall a variety of vibration data and waveform;

To multi-channel vibration waveform and spectrum data were analyzed;

System fault analysis software is so powerful that screen fine, easy to operate;

The 4 channel vibration analysis diagnosis system is stable and reliable, high precision, full functions;

Configuration for all kinds of vibration sensor, data collector, upper machine, multi-function fault diagnosis analysis software, etc.


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