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Vibration-Sensing Transmitter

Vibration-Sensing Transmitter

ITM (EP) series Vibration-Sensing transmitter piezoelectric shear acceleration sensor is equipped with signal transmitter and panel table, which can directly output the vibration value of acceleration, velocity and displacement in 4-20ma mode.Especially suitable for vibration monitoring, alarm and protection of important equipment in severe environment.

ITM (EP) series Vibration-Sensing transmitter include: 

ordinary single type, double type, separate type, waterproof type, explosion-proof type, etc.



二: The characteristics

 For important equipment of vibration monitoring, alarm and protection.

 Directly with DCS, PLC, etc. 4-20 ma system connection.

 Output can be one of the speed, acceleration and displacement.

 True RMS measurement, stable and reliable.

 Simple, safe and low cost.

The dynamic signal of output is diagnosed by analysis.

Room temperature and high temperature sensors are available.


 . Display mode is optional:

 No show, only 4-20 ma output value of vibration.                             

 Table 1 sensor corresponding 1 panel.

 2 sensor corresponding 1 panel table.

 Multi - sensor response to a 1 - panel display.

四.Vibration-Sensing transmitter technical and technical specifications

The case is made of stainless steel and sealed

Armoured low noise cable, length optional

Base insulation

Sensitivity (PC/ms-2) : 2-5

Sensitivity to temperature change rate: < 0.01% /

Transverse sensitivity: < 5%

Frequency response (Hz) : 5 ~ 5000

Working temperature () : - 30 ~ 150

Which leads to the waySide outor top out)

Installation thread: M5

Size: < 15 * 20



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