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High Quality 2.2KVA 220V Diameter 20mm to 120mm Movable Bearing Induction Heater

The high quality movable bearing induction heater model is WTR-2.2-3, with inner diameter from 20mm to 120mm,Just need 10minutes for heating 10KGS bearings.

The heater is induction heating for bearings,couplings,gear,bushings,sleeves and other working pieces, applied to railway, petroleum machinery, steel, wind power and other industries. Proper bearing installation is essential to safeguard maximum bearing life.


1. Automatic demagnetization: <2A/CM

2. Small shape, light weight, easy movable;

3. Insulating material shell, safe and reliable using process;

4. Time control: 0-99 minutes, Temperature control: 0-300℃;

5. Different size yokes optional : 14mm,20mm,28mm,36mm,48mm;

6. Certifications: CE, ISO9001, EMC,FCC.

Technical parameters









Pole area


Pole height


Bore size of the workpiece


Max. out size of the workpiece


Max. width of the workpiece


Temperature Control

- Highest

- Magnetic probe

- Digital display




Time Control

- Time range

-  Digital display



Demagnetization standard

Automatic demagnetization <2A/CM

Heater Dimension(mm)


Heater weight


Yoke iron core cross section (mm)


20x20x260 ; 14x14x260

48x48x260 ; 36x36x260


Heater style


Product advantage

Quality guarantee from every detail

(1) 100% high quality copper induction coil;

(2) Temperature -10 ℃ -400 ℃ insulation double glass envelope technology;

(3) Military standard 35W270 high silicon steel sheet;

(4) Schneider electrical accessories; 

(5) Temperature -50℃-300℃ epoxy rods platinum thermal resistance.

Multiple protection makes it safer and more environmental

(1) Fully enclosed insulated coil minus the risk of the exposed coil;

(2) E multilayer fiber ribbon;

(3) F grade epoxy insulating paint;

(4) Special processing technology minimize the radiation and noise;

(5) WTR 300-500℃ temperature-resistant insulated gloves.


1. Q: What test we will do before the machine leave factory?

A: Before machine leave factory, our engineer will mainly test the following 3 parts.

(1) Test the currency to be standard

(2) Test the demagnetization effect to be standard

(3) Test the noise, <85DB within one meter.

2. Q: How to operate the bearing heater?

A: Each bearing heater is with a operating manual, operating video is also available.

3. Q: How to guarantee our machine to be safe?

A: Bearing heater raw material & technology

(1) Fine copper coils, more heat insulation

(2) -10℃~400℃ insulation double glass envelope technology

(3) Electrical accessories are from Schneider

(4) Temperature -50℃-300℃ epoxy rods platinum thermal resistance,better magnetic properties

(5) Fully enclosed insulated coil

(6) E multilayer fiber ribbon, F grade epoxy insulating paint, multiple protection

(7) Special processing technology makes the radiation and noise to be minimum

(8) WTR brand temperature-resistant insulated gloves

(9) Each WTR bearing induction heater passed the CE, ISO9001, EMC,FCC.

4. Q: How about the operation precautions for safe?

(1) Bearing induction heater will produce an induction magnetic field which will influence or weaken the effect of the medical device such as pacemaker or hearing-aid, thus it will hurt health. Please do not operate the machine or stay within 5m away from the machine when wear such device.  

(2) Do not operate the induction heater in area existing explosion hazard.

(3) It is very important to conduct correct maintenance and handling. It will cause machine fault or have personal injury if operate out of user manual.

(4) Sensitive electronic equipment(such as mobile, watch, computer) will be influenced by the magnetic field, do not use them around the heater.

(5) Check whether the power and voltage are accordance with the heater nameplate, confirm the ground connection is good.

(6) Avoid touching the heated bearing directly, please use high temperature resistant gloves to carry the bearings.

Rely on the excellent product quality and thoughtful professional service, WTR brand bearing induction heater has been appointed as sole supplier by Fortune 500.



Welcome to buy the high quality 2.2kva 220v diameter 20mm to 120mm movable bearing induction heater made in China from our factory. We are one of the first and leading bearing heater manufacturers and suppliers in China. Please be free to enjoy our discount price and good service.

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