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A Bearing Heater, A Revolution
Jun 19, 2018

From the language to the network, the human revolution also promoted the industrial revolution from the steam engine to the intelligent production. In modern factory intelligence, bearing heater is indispensable!

Scenario 1: In a small factory with a smoky atmosphere, sometimes it is full of flames. It was originally heated with gas welding, and the smell of gunpowder was distributed throughout the workshop. At this time, a bearing heater came into play, and heating and installation of 6308 was completed in 1 minute. Like the book "Gruffy Grumpy" depicts, a corner is refreshing, which in turn will promote a big change in the environment of the entire factory.

Scenario 2: In accordance with the internationalization of the 5S standard factory building, a corner but also risking black smoke, its use of oil-bearing for bearing installation, direct inspection is the deduction points. However, after replacing WTR-20-4 bearing heater, not only no open flame without fumes, but also can improve production efficiency, bearing installation from no worries!

Bearing heater equipment is small, it can bring a different experience, you want to change, dial the test machine hotline: 008618562800715.