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Advanced Features Of BGJ Series Induction Bearing Heater
May 03, 2017

BGJ induction bearing heater using advanced electronic time / temperature control circuit, in the 0-9999S (temperature is 0-300 DEG C) within the range according to the set value. The upper limit of time or temperature can be set, when heating the bearing, when the set upper limit value, the heater will automatically cut off the circuit and over temperature alarm indicator.

So what are some of the advantages of timing and temperature control charts?

Timing or fixed temperature digital display, intuitive and accurate. The operator is always aware of the changes of the inner temperature and the heating time of the heated bearing. Heating bearing heating, while the heater itself remains at room temperature. The utility model overcomes the problems of channel damage, large noise, low service life and environmental pollution caused by the installation of the bearing, the flame heating and the oil boiling heating.

What is the applicable range of BGJ series induction bearing heater? BGJ series induction heater bearing is mainly used for heating the metal ring, bearing, gear, gear ring, end cover, shaft coupling, motor shell, aluminum piston, connecting rod, wheel rim, core, armature, pole, fan, retaining ring, ring and other types of balance, to expand, to meet. Need assembly or disassembly.

Bearing induction heater is used in electric machinery, water pump, automobile, engineering machinery, railway, mining, chemical industry, petroleum, textile and other mechanical industries.