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Application Of Bearing Heater
Oct 16, 2017

Introduction to the operating principle of the heater  

The high pressure heater is composed of two parts, a shell and a pipe system, wherein the upper part of the inner cavity of the shell is provided with a steam condensation section, the lower part is provided with a hydrophobic cooling section, and the water inlet and the water supply outlet are arranged at the top of the inlet pipe and the outlet pipe. When the superheated steam enters the shell can be imported from the upper part of the main water supply pipe screw heating, steam condenses into water, condensed water would be part of the heating water pipe in the lower hydrophobic cooling screw, used after the condensate outlet 1 is sparsely outflow in the hydrophobic. The device has the advantages of low energy consumption, compact structure, small occupation area, material consumption, etc., and can strictly control the hydrophobic water level, the hydrophobic flow rate and the reduction of hydrophobic end difference.


The working principle of high pressure heater

High pressure heater can be referred to as high, widely used in industrial production. It is a surface heat exchanger, especially an important part in the thermal power plant production process. Next, we will understand the working principle of the lower pressure heater.

The working principle of high pressure heater: high pressure heater is heating water mixing heater after the high pressure feed water pump, used to improve the water temperature, improve economic efficiency. The low pressure heater is connected to the shaft seal heater, which is used to heat the condensation water of the high pressure deaerator, and also to improve the temperature of condensate water and improve the economic benefit.

High and low and styles are similar, which are filled with small heater tubes, tube go boiler feed water and condensate water pipe outside is out of steam from the turbine section, after heat transfer, improve the water temperature respectively and the condensation of water, steam is condensed into water. A hydrophobic, high pressure heater hydrophobic generally goes to the high pressure deaerator, hydrophobic low-pressure heater drain pump hit by condenser. This is a simple workflow, to understand, but also in-depth study. The general factory has two sets of high, low and has three units, three units with low internal pressure decreasing.

The above is to introduce the working principle of the high pressure heater, although high pressure heater does not use in our daily life, but the principle of the high pressure heater to know we also have some help.