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Bearing Damage Causes Many, The Choice Of Bearing Heater Is The King
Jul 12, 2018

The high damage rate of bearing is not necessarily the bad quality of bearing, even if the quality is no better, it is impossible to break the bearing when it is installed.You have to look at the roots.Was the bearing damaged when you installed it?If so, you should definitely buy a bearing heater.

Bearing heater is now widely used in the production service industry, it is really comes in handy, first of all to save on heating time more than half, don't need long time to heat water, oil, etc., is a waste of resources and environmental pollution, and second, install more save worry, easily installed directly after inner ring heat expansion, also won't produce because of stress non-uniform deformation, cracks or too hard breakage, and so on and so forth.So when you have frequent bearing problems, don't try to blame the quality of the bearing. Blame the bearing supplier.

The fundamental solution to the problem is to replace the installation method, the purchase of bearing heaters is the king!Service hotline: 0086-18562800715