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Bearing Heater Intelligent Age
Jul 02, 2018

Whether we are willing to accept or not, the era of artificial intelligence's high speed, high accuracy, and lower cost to complete its work has arrived, and even bearing heater are undergoing iterations!

High speed: Once we used oil to boil, then the time-consuming and labor-intensive installation of hammers was over. Now we only need bearing heater to create a beautiful scene: three minutes, one person, and no effort. And you can install a variety of odd-shaped workpieces!

High precision: time or temperature, all controlled by microcomputer, automatically stop at the time or temperature, no need to wait on the side of the machine, but also can automatically demagnetize to meet the national standards, it is to save two times trouble!

Lower cost: Now the most expensive cost is time and manpower. It can be achieved simply by the equipment. Why not?

With the traditional industry, but also with emerging things, choose WTR bearing heater, experience smoke-free and oil-free quick installation, selection consulting: 0086-18562800715