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Bearing Heater Is To Avoid Bearing Damage
Jun 15, 2018

The high bearing damage rate is not necessarily the bearing quality is not good, even if the quality is not good, it can not be just installed on the broken. You must find the cause. Is the bearing damaged when you installed it? If yes, then you do need a bearing heater.

The bearing heater is now widely used in the production and maintenance industry. With it, it is indeed a lot easier. First of all, it saves more than half of the heating time, does not require long heating oil, etc., which wastes resources and pollutes the environment. Secondly, the installation is even more worry-free. The inner ring can be easily installed after being thermally expanded, and it will not cause uneven deformation due to stress, or excessive damage due to excessive force. So when your bearings frequently have problems, do not rush to blame the quality of the bearings, blame the bearing supplier, first look for their own reasons for installation.

The only way to solve the problem is to replace the installation method. Try a bearing heater. Service hotline: 008618562800715