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Bearing Heater Manufacturer Overseas Expansion
May 30, 2018

With the day-to-day competition in the market, more and more people have begun to shoddy and disrupt market competition. For bearing heater manufacturer to take the high-end route, they can only expand the overseas market while continuing to consolidate the market in China!

For WTR bearing heater manufacturer that do not have the foundation of foreign trade, how can we successfully complete overseas markets in such a situation? The first is to identify the customer groups targeted by their products. Different countries have different treatment methods. For example, European countries and the United States are mainly looking for local sales representatives to carry out pushes. Like Indian countries, they must find physical stores to discuss distribution cooperation; Just do a good layout, SEM, SEO, SNS, etc. do a good job of brand marketing, do a good job of their own brand image, which is more emphasis on foreigners; the third is to keep up with the situation, like the Russian countries to the One Belt One Road to promote , India is about to promote the construction of Daxing, etc.

For the overseas promotion of bearing heaters, it is also a long road, but as long as we do it with firmness and confidence, we will surely make Chinese brands resound throughout the world! Service contact: