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Bearing Heater Manufacturers Competition Show
Jun 29, 2018

If you want to spend a lot of time, you have to put all the flowers into competition. If you want to participate in the competitive race of the bearing heater manufacturers, you must first meet the real manufacturers to qualify.

In this competition, the competition between bearing heater manufacturers should be carried out from the following aspects: first, raw materials; second, process; third, service! First, in the first aspect, if military-standard silicon steel sheets are used, 50 points are added; ordinary silicon steel sheets are used without additional points; scrap silicon steel sheets are used, with 50 points deducted; secondly, they can be automatically demagnetized and can reach 2A/CM. The following, plus 20 points; to demagnetize but not up to the standard, no extra points; can not demagnetize, deducted 20 points; the third aspect, within 10 minutes after consultation and after-sales problems can not solve the 24-hour door, plus 30 points; no response if the response is slow and the equipment is returned to the factory for a long time;

In such a comparison, you will select the bearing heater manufacturers WTR, which will give you 100% satisfaction. The hotline is 0086-18562800715.