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Bearing Heater Operating Instructions
May 22, 2018

When everyone is updating the bearing heating method, did you follow the footsteps of everyone to update the entire system. Is there any instruction for using the bearing heater at random?

First of all, please pay attention to the voltage required by the equipment, only the WTR-2.2-3 bearing heater is 220V, if there is no special custom, the other is 380V, and is a two-phase AC; Second, the induction coil must be absorbed in the bearing during the heating process Circle, in order to be able to efficiently heat the bearing; third, must be put on the heat insulation gloves to prevent burns; Fourth, a heated bearing is not easy to exceed three, to avoid the time is too long, affecting the installation efficiency.

WTR not only provides instructions for the use of bearing heater, but also insulated gloves. Service Hotline: 008618562800715