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Bearing Heater Paper Industry Application Analysis
Mar 21, 2018

The modern papermaking industry has realized full-automatic production operations. There are professional equipments for pulping, copying and drying. In a modern papermaking workshop, the amount of bearings is very large. Some people may say that paper mills use the bearings are tapered and cold or hydraulic. It has nothing to do with your bearing heater.

In fact, the tapered hole bearings in paper mills are all large size, and the replacement cycle is longer. It is the bearings of motors and pumps that are frequently replaced in daily maintenance. These bearings are mainly deep groove ball bearings and cylindrical roller bearings. The installation of these bearings is best installed by heating method. In early days, people used oil or electric heating plates. If they were improperly handled, they could easily cause bearing contamination or electrical damage. With the appearance of bearing heater, most paper mills gave up oil cooking. Or heating methods such as hot plates, and choose the best bearing heater brands like the choice of bearings, because the phrase "time is money" is fully confirmed in the paper mill, because the unexpected shutdown of the bearings, they have to pay the loss is tens of thousands of times higher than the value of the bearing. It can be said that the paper mills chose the top products in the industry.

It is an honor that the WTR brand bearing heater has been included in the procurement list by many paper mills and thanks to the trust of our customers. If you also need a good bearing heater,contact us soon.