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Bearing Heater Self Portrait
Jul 10, 2018

For those who want to dig into the bottom, they like to split the details. If you want to understand the crowds of commonly used emerging bearing heater, please look here - a self portrait of a product, to ensure that you can understand clearly!

Need to declare here, this bearing heater self-portrait is limited to WTR, other brands please ask the relevant manufacturers to obtain! Please read the brains of friends and follow me with the editor! First of all, the black frame part above is black in color, but because it is laminated on 35W270 silicon steel sheet, it needs to show the texture; the next is the industrial gray texture epoxy board shell, which is not only safe but also high-end; The screen position is two black LCD screens, respectively showing data in time or temperature control mode; there is also a socket on the side for connecting the temperature sensing line made of pure silver wire.

In this way, a simple bearing heater self-portrait is completed, do not underestimate each detail, it is essential for the use process! For example, silicon steel sheet, if it is not such a texture, there will be the possibility of business cut corners! So please keep your eyes open! Contact number:0086-18562800715.