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Bearing Heater Type
May 03, 2017

There are many kinds of bearing heater on the market, you may feel some difficulties when choosing.

Do you know how to choose? Can be divided into several? Today I will introduce you to the type of bearing heater.

In general, it can be classified according to the use, assembly requirements, use, control or power supply.

For example, it can be divided into: bearing heater, gear heater, coupling heater, piston heater, gear ring heater, connecting rod heater, motor shell heaters, etc..

In accordance with the assembly requirements can be divided into line, production, and maintenance of three types of bearing heater.

According to the use of K type, H type bearing heater.

According to the control mode can be divided into ordinary class, microcomputer and intelligent bearing heater.

According to the number of power into single-phase, two-phase, three-phase bearing heater.