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Bearing Heaters Save Your Installation Problems
Jul 09, 2018

The effect is not much, these situations have appeared in your installation work? I believe not only you, this is the pain of most installation workers, do not worry, let the bearing heater quickly save you from the trouble!

What is the bearing heater? If you don't know yet, then you can be too special! This is an emerging bearing installation tool that has been widely used in the production and maintenance industry. With its advent, the workers no longer have to work day in and day out with the big hammer. Appeared, bearing life is relatively long, at least to ensure that the installation will not be damaged! With its appearance, the production efficiency of the factory is not improved at all. A device can basically be used for 10 years and 8 years without problems. The warranty period is three years. Is it very safe?

Are you still struggling to find a suitable installation method, then quickly call us at 0086-18562800715 hotline to know about the bearing heater!