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Bearing Induction Heater Application In Cement Industry
Apr 10, 2018

The birth of new products must be broadly accepted, otherwise it can not continue to create benefits, bearing induction heater in the major machinery manufacturing industry to obtain a good reputation, today to talk about the use of the cement industry and precautions.

The most used in the cement industry is self-aligning roller bearings, which can account for 60% of the total weight. The overall weight of the roller bearings increases the difficulty of installation. The use of bearing induction heater eliminates many annoyances, such as increased time efficiency. One-fifth of the time spent on oil; for example, no cleaning is needed, and the principle of electromagnetic induction is used. Only need to place the bearing on the device, the temperature sensing line is in place, and heating can be started, which saves a lot of futile steps; for example, automatic Demagnetization, although cement equipment does not require such high precision as machine tool equipment, this function avoids the adsorption of small particles and improves the accuracy of various parameters during operation.

Bearing induction heater have been recognized by the leading cement industry, such as Southwest Cement, Beijing Cement, etc. Its designated cooperating supplier is the well-known brand WTR, consulting hotline: 008618562800715.