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Bearing Induction Heater In Electric Heater Should Be Noticed When Using
May 03, 2017

The source of this bearing heater heater power frequency induction technology in transformer short-circuit accident accident, powerful current generated at the moment to release the tremendous heat the principle of heat conversion efficiency to remove loss is close to 100%, so for the equivalent of a small heater transformer for the bearing manufacturing materials require very high the effect of material, the main loss is the two part of the core material and winding material:

The core material is silicon steel sheet, the sheet steel in silicon can reduce the conductivity of its own, thus reducing the resistivity increase on the eddy current loss so the quality of the heater and quality of silicon steel sheet has a great relationship. The quality of silicon steel is usually expressed in terms of flux density. The commonly used core materials for general manufacturing heater flux density iron piece of it is 6000-8000, low silicon magnetic flux density is 9000-11000, high silicon flux density more than 12000. The quality oriented silicon steel sheet and silicon steel sheets have a relationship cases: YJ30 series bearing heater Changzhou city you long electrical production is used Japanese imports of non oriented silicon steel sheet and silicon steel sheet compared to minus the core magnetic circuit and silicon area to increase the loss of energy is not consistent, if no the orientation of the silicon steel sheet production of bearing heater energy consumption ratio increased at least more than 10%-15%.

The winding wire made of materials commonly used, it is represented by the loss of copper loss for small transformers and a bearing heater is greater than the loss of copper loss so the copper wire material and coiled material process is very demanding the best use of high strength polyester enameled wire, its resistance value is relatively small, good conductivity, the insulating varnish layer has sufficient heat resistance, so the heater performance with high strength polyester enameled wire is superior.