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Bearing Removal Induction Heaters Is Popular
May 30, 2018

Having watched the movie “Private Customization”, it was a dream, but now with the development of C2B, there are various customizations around, such as the bearing removal induction heater.

This is an emerging product in the industry, once suspected, why the bearing removal induction heater need customization? Because its structure belongs to the combination of an electric control cabinet plus a disassembly sleeve, the electric control cabinet can be universal, but the disassembly sleeve must be strictly customized according to the specifications! Because if the size is not consistent, it will lead to unsatisfactory heating effect, which is totally inconsistent with WTR's style of work! Therefore, during the consultation process of many customers, there is a lot of content to be docked, which involves the measurement and precision of the dimensions. However, the WTR sales manager will carefully communicate, only to ensure the effect!

If you need to disassemble the bearing or sleeve is separable, choose WTR bearing removal induction heater, good effect, reasonable price, can automatically demagnetization, hotline: 0018618562800715