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Black Horse Articles In The Bearing Heater Industry
Jul 10, 2018

State-owned country law, there are rules, this is the law of ordinary people's thinking, but there will always be some unconventional cards, such as WTR in the bearing heater industry, a set of difficult marketing strategies to increase its popularity hundred times!

Follow me to find out, there may be no magical feelings. The sales strategy of its bearing heater in the mainland is mainly spread through the network channel, which is familiar to everyone, but the essence of it needs to be explored! For example, the amount of exposure, many companies in order to save advertising costs, are not willing to invest in promotion costs, this is not so much exposure, it can not let customers remember your existence! Another example is the advertisement picture. Many factories have taken some corners and pictures on the Internet. Although it is very real, but the experience of the customer is too bad, it certainly can not afford to buy!

In fact, WTR is the black horse in the bearing heater industry. It is really awkward. The brand that has been in operation since 1992 is only late in the mainland! It has a history of cooperation with leading companies such as CRRC, Southern Cement and Huadian! Contact number:0086-18562800715.