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Brand Statement - Solemn Declaration Of WTR Bearing Induction Heater Products
Jun 19, 2018

WTR is one of the earliest manufacturers in the world to research and produce bearing induction heaters. Since its establishment in 1992, WTR has won the trust and support of customers in many fields worldwide with stable product quality and rapid heating efficiency, and it has a very high market share. Since WTR set up its Qingdao branch in 2015, it has quickly won the praise of many well-known enterprises in mainland China. The market share of high-end WTR bearing induction heater industry has reached over 60%.

Since the second half of 2016, our company began to receive complaints about "WTR bearing induction heaters" selling on the market and on the Internet. They purchased counterfeit WTR heater products through informal channels. The quality and heating efficiency are very different from original authentic WTR. We have cooperated with the criminal investigation department in the law and investigated and investigated several counterfeits and dens. It is hereby stated that this product is exclusively produced by WTR, and only Qingdao Weiketerui Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. is the only branch company in mainland China. Any other company that underscores the banner of WTR Branch is counterfeit.

Once again solemnly declare and remind users, in order to protect your legitimate rights and interests, please buy through Qingdao Weiketerui Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. or WTR authorized dealers to purchase.

 If you have any questions about the WTR bearing induction heaters that you have purchased, please contact us: 008618562800715.