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Branded Bearing Heater Expert Reveals Production Process For The First Time
May 24, 2018

The WTR, which can rank among the top 10 brands of bearing heater.What kind of quality to use to conquer customers? Today, we have the privilege of sharing with WTR technical engineer Mr. Li, WTR portable bearing heater production process, hope that the majority of users to buy heaters not only look at the price, but depends on the value. Mr. Li believes that it is wasteful to buy back a cent if it is not a good product. Hope that the majority of users buy a really good bearing heater.

Today let's we take about the WTR-2.2-3 bearing heater as an example.

What's different in a small bearing heater? Let us learn together.

This is a silicon steel sheet, in rolls, with many different brands and labels.

WTR uses 0.27mm silicon steel sheet from Wuhan Iron and Steel Company. Many small plants on the market choose small steel mills' 0.5mm silicon steel sheets for cost saving, or use old recycled silicon steel sheets. The thinner the silicon steel sheet, the better the magnetic performance, and of course the higher the price.The silicon steel sheets are stacked one by one to form the core.


This is a U.S. joint-venture pure copper induction coil plus double glass-wire enveloping process that was selected by Vitry. Many domestic manufacturers will choose cheap aluminum coils in order to save costs.Different models will choose different thickness copper coils.


The folded silicon steel sheet is tied up with coils and this is what it looks like.

For better insulation, a layer of non-alkaline tape is added outside the coil, and at the same time, it is poured with Class F insulating paint. Multiple protections make the heater safer.


The above is the core and coil of the bearing heater. Let's take a look at the electrical part.

In order to ensure the quality of bearing heaters, WTR only chose to cooperate with brands such as Schneider. As the details determine the success or failure, it is not at the cost of sacrificing quality in order to save costs.


The demagnetization of the bearing heater is a trade secret, and I will not describe it much. However, our demagnetization standard is less than 2A/cm, which is the same standard as the SKF and BEGA.

The appearance of WTR bearing heaters is made of steel and epoxy board, which is more heat resistant. I have seen many Chinese manufacturers of bearing heaters with anti-scald labels because they use plain steel. While our heater is working, the machine shell never heats up.

I don't know if you understood it. A small bearing heater was made like this. From the production to the factory, every link is hard and professional.

Our bearing heater is designed to be convenient for workers to wear gloves. It is a button-type operation that is simple and practical.

An induction bearing heater is equipped with different yokes, small bearings with small yoke, and large bearings with large yoke. Bearings or other workpieces can be heated after passing through the yoke.

After the yoke paint was painted and the paint with the bearing heater was dried, the wooden box packaging began. Don't forget to wear the heat-resistant gloves, certificate of conformity, and product manual for the user in need.

Thanks for watching this article, WTR, a well-known brand of bearing heaters, wants more people to use really good products. Hotline 008618562800715; Email: