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Cement Industry Application Analysis Of Induction Bearing Heater
Mar 20, 2018

The cement industry has always been the pillar industry of the country’s economic development infrastructure. Although the current environmental protection requirements will be regulated, the overall trend is still steadily moving forward. WTR brand induction bearing heater has found their own living space in the cement industry.

In cement plant equipment maintenance production, WTR induction bearing heater is no longer just used to install the bearing, the roller of the rotary kiln is also used WTR induction bearing heater to heat installation. According to the customer's on-site feedback, the original need to be fired with oil to cook one day to install the roller, now using WTR high-power bearing heater can be easily installed on the shaft in only an hour or two, the factory's production efficiency has greatly improved, the environmental protection department It is no longer necessary to go home every day.

In fact, in the cement industry, the WTR brand truly embodies its own value and advantages. Domestic induction bearing heater manufacturers are afraid of “tons”, and parts with a heavier weight have no way to meet the heating requirements. Difficulties, WTR can provide reasonable solutions, WTR is no longer just a product producer, but more is a reasonable solution provider. If you have any need,freely contact WTR by