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Complete Bearing Mounting Methods
May 18, 2018

There are many bearing mounting methods that are familiar, such as oil baths, flames, and gas-cutting baking, but bearing heaters are rarely known for their novel equipment.

Oil bath: This kind of bearing mounting methods is used by many old engineers. The heating time of the device needs to be longer, and the bearing will be prematurely failed due to the dirty and contaminated bearings. And the biggest risk is the personal safety of operating workers.

Flame: Poor controllability and bearing damage.

Gas cutting and baking: heating temperature is too high, it is easy to damage the bearing, and the bearing protection oil will produce toxic gases and endanger human health.

Bearing heaters: A bearing mounting methods popular in recent years, its high efficiency, safety has been an important factor for many customers to choose it. Of course, when selecting a bearing heater manufacturer, it is also necessary to be very careful, and only regular brand products can guarantee your safety and efficiency. 

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