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Sep 13, 2018

In the age of Internet, fragmented browsing habit makes us like various data more. Today, xiao li narrated several bearing heater brands with pictures and texts. If you like to browse dear friends quickly, you can just look at the curve comparison chart!

First of all, the bearing heater brands listed in the chart are as follows: import SK*, BEG*, FA*, Taiwan WT*, mainland KE*, S*, etc.In order not to generate unnecessary disputes, li can only use special symbols to replace, if you want to check the full name of the brand, baidu will have results!

Secondly, compare products from different details!

1. Selection of silicon steel sheet: import brands and Taiwan brands are rigorous, select high-standard silicon steel sheet, guarantee high work efficiency, and mainland brands will cut corners and use waste silicon steel sheet;

2. Induction coil: imported brands and Taiwan brands will choose pure copper induction coil, and many Chinese brands use copper clad aluminum or aluminum coil;

3. Price: imported brands are expensive, Taiwanese brands are more affordable, and Chinese brands are too cheap to imagine.

4. After-sales service: imported brands need to return to the factory for maintenance. Taiwan brands have branches in mainland China.

Here only select a few important indicators of bearing heater brands comparison, hope to help you to choose! Consulting hotline: 0086-18562800715 or Email: