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Different Name Of The Bearing Heaters
May 28, 2018

With the strengthening of the national environmental protection audit, many of the original bearing heating methods such as oil cooking and electric baking have been halted all over the country. Overwhelming customers have come to ask for a lot of bearing heaters. I am very happy, after all the traditional heating methods are a kind of damage, which is also an obstacle to the improvement of the overall product quality.

There are a lot of humane hearsays that have a name and they come to consult. Is that what they consult with the bearing heaters as a product? Today I will list its alias: CNC bearing heater, electromagnetic bearing induction heater, automatic intelligent bearing induction heater, microcomputer bearing heater, eddy current induction heater, gear heater, flange heater, coupling Heaters, aluminum heaters, electric heaters, etc. They are all the one products, but they are different name. Both are using the principle of electromagnetic induction bearing heating installed, WTR brand can achieve three minutes of rapid installation, and automatic demagnetization.

Warm reminder: cone bearing heater is not the same, that product is a high frequency heater, long-term close use is harmful to the human body, please carefully choose. The use of industrial frequency WTR bearing heaters, to ensure maximum benefit to you, hotline: 008618562800715!