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Discussion On Extreme Value Of Bearing Heater Temperature
Jun 27, 2018

As the saying goes, there is no best but better, but in practice, these theories are often forgotten. When we choose the bearing heater, we can't wait for one minute to be able to do all the work. The heating temperature also hopes to be higher, but is it really good. ?

First of all, As different company use different raw materials,the upper limit of the bearing heater temperature will also be different. For example, a certain company uses aluminum coils or copper-clad aluminum coils, and the temperature limit can only be over 100 degrees Celsius; Pure copper induction coil, the upper temperature limit up to 400 degrees Celsius, of course, because of the temperature measurement of the sterling silver temperature sensor, can only be measured to 380 degrees Celsius, even if this is enough, you can heat the gears, couplings, flanges other than bearings Ring workpieces! Second, if you only heat the bearing, you don't actually need that high temperature. In principle, you only need 100 degrees Celsius to complete the installation! If it is a nylon cage, it does not need to exceed 80 degrees Celsius!

The extreme value of a bearing heater reflects the quality and service life of it. You will don't worry if you choose WTR. Hotline: 0086-18562800715!