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Do Not Sledgehammer, Use WTR Large Bearing Heater
Jun 04, 2018

A tedious installation proces: forklift, crane, oil cooking, cleaning, sledgehammer, etc., Will it be a headache? The WTR large bearing heater can complete the last three steps on this one machine.

In practical applications, we always have no ways to heat 4tons workingpiece,but WTR large bearing heater can heat it within 2.5hours. Imagine, originally it took a whole day to do this work, now compressed to 2.5hours, the efficiency increased by 400%! And in this process, eliminating the risk of oil cooking, eliminating the need for cleaning to reduce labor costs, eliminating the need for sledgehammers to make the workpiece really 0 damage to the installation!

We need to solemnly declare that not all large bearing heater can guarantee WTR's protection. For example, they can do what you say, but it may take a whole day to actually work because raw materials are enough. The quantity determines the product's working efficiency, and cutting corners and materials can never be efficient. Service line 008618562800715 or email to