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Do You Know The Bearing Heater Selection Method
May 03, 2017

There is an old saying in China: good goods are not cheap. Too expensive and too cheap two extremes sometimes make it hard for you to choose.

The host core coil assembly is the core, pay attention to material as the core core host frequency induction heater, in the choice of when to be cautious, whether it is large or small gear bearing heater, heater, motor shell heater, we first concern is the price of it, however, is more important than price is to pay attention to the quality of bearing heater, gear heater, heater, motor shell, mainly from the host core coil assembly whether imported cold rolled silicon steel sheet, and epoxy resin sealing. The decisive effect on the heating efficiency and service life.

Therefore, when you choose the bearing heater must ask the material weight and warranty, which is very important to you.