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Does The Induction Bearing Heater Heat Evenly?
Apr 10, 2018

Recently, some customers have asked whether there is any difference in the bearing temperature at the time of heating of the WTR induction bearing heater. I consulted the WTR engineer.

The induction bearing heateris heated at the inner and outer rings at the same time. Because the magnetic flux in the inner ring is larger than the outer ring, there is a difference in temperature between the inner ring and the outer ring. The mating surface of the bearing and the shaft is the inner diameter surface of the inner ring, so we take the temperature of the inner ring as the standard, which is why the temperature sensor must be adsorbed on the inner ring of the bearing during heating. Since the center of the yoke and the axis of the bearing cannot overlap completely, the magnetic flux at each point of the inner ring of the bearing varies. It is a normal phenomenon that certain points in the same inner ring exist. The temperature is about 3°C. We use military-standard sorghum silicon steel material, so our bearing heater temperature error is very small. There is also an error in the heating of imported bearing heaters.

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