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Efficiency Of Micro-computer Bearing Heater
Jul 03, 2018

In this era of racing against time, wherever you go, you are highly efficient. In response to this trend, WTR has developed a second-generation micro-computer bearing heater that allows you to truly experience what is called “light speed” heating.

First take a look at a set of data, heating the NN3019K which weighs about five pounds of the bearing to 100 °C,  WTR uses 40s but other brand requires 10 minutes. The same is the micro-computer bearing heater, why is the difference so great.  Of course, it is caused by the difference in raw materials and processes! Copper coil? Aluminum coil? Copper clad aluminum? Several times copper coils and more! In addition, in order to prevent the device from being heated and burned when no one is watching, the device is not equipped with an automatic heat-retaining function. Therefore, it is necessary to keep someone on the side when heating. So don't underestimate this more than nine minutes. In the day you waste more than 100 labor costs! A month is more than 3,000, and it can be imagined that the cost of wasting this kind of calculation will be wasted!

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