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Electric Bearing Heater Summary
Jun 04, 2018

The hearsay often leads us to misunderstand an item, such as an electric bearing heater. Which is the right choice for us?

First briefly introduce the type of electric bearing heater, there are three types of high frequency, intermediate frequency and power frequency, although they are all called a product, but in essence there is a big difference! High-frequency heaters are not recommended for use in working areas where workers are employed, because long-term use of the human body is very harmful and can easily lead to deafness! The safety of commercial frequency heaters is equivalent to the microwave ovens and other small household appliances that we usually use. As long as they operate correctly, there is no serious problem! But not all power frequency heaters are worth your purchase, please shop around and pay attention to the choice of raw materials, exquisite processing technology, complete test report!

WTR electric bearing heater, the best choice for quality and price, has obtained a full range of industry certification and test report. Hotline: 008618562800715