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Eliminate Subjective Judgment When Use Bearing Heaters
Jul 10, 2018

In the case of Chinese medicine, it is possible to judge the state of the patient through the color and veins! But is this subjective judgment applicable to bearing installation? the answer is negative! This requires the bearing heaters to play!

The first is temperature: no matter whether you use oil or gas welding, there will be no way to control the temperature, which will lead to serious consequences, namely bearing annealing! If  bearing heaters are used, there will be a temperature sensor that displays the temperature value in real time for better control and installation! The second is time: there is no way to master the time when cooking, you can only use your own feeling to get out and wipe the installation, can not cook again and then install! It will definitely waste manpower and time costs! The heater will have a time control button, which can be set in advance according to the time required for heating! And time and temperature control can be switched at any time!

Scientific management will certainly help the company to get bigger and bigger, then open fine management from bearing heaters! Hotline: 0086-18562800715!