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Enchanting Microcomputer Bearing Heater
Jul 05, 2018

In the end what artifacts, it will be so worthwhile, it is actually an exquisite micro-computer bearing heater, the reason why people love to put it down, just follow the principle of customer experience first!

1. Appearance: The overall design adopts the atmospheric industrial gray, and the production plant under 5S management is accompanied by this micro-computer bearing heater, which is definitely a bonus item for superior leaders to inspect!

2, simple operation: You only need to prepare the bearing, turn on the power, press the switch button! The first bearing installation is recommended to use a temperature sensor, the temperature difference is only about 3 °C, to ensure that the temperature of the heated workpiece meets the requirements! After recording this time, the time can be heated in this way each time. This operation is to avoid the damage of the temperature sensor's wearing parts!

3. Automatic demagnetization: The equipment has passed the inspection of the quality inspection department. After the heating is completed, the residual magnetic capacity is <2A/CM, which fully complies with international standards. You do not need to perform the second demagnetization.

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