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Fantastic Flange Heater
Jun 04, 2018

There are no wonders in the world. If we want to increase efficiency, we must accept new products, such as flange heater. This small device, a small audience, can play a big role!

When we only think that the flange must be installed with a hammer, we can hardly actively search for a type of flange heater, but as long as we have mentioned in our social circle and we are talking about all kinds of Well, we definitely want to explore! Why is the flange quickly heated? This is mainly determined by its internal structure. After the copper induction coil is energized, a magnetic field will be generated. The magnetic field will be magnetically conducted through the silicon steel sheet, and the flange will be quickly heated! Here please note that if you want to achieve rapid, you must meet two conditions, pure copper induction coil and military standard silicon steel sheet!

A small flange heater can solve your problems, the installation process is too laborious, the installation is easy to have errors, the installation time is too long, etc. You only need to make a small step forward and the efficiency of the factory can go one step forward. Big step! Hotline: 008618562800715 or email to