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Good Bearings Should Be Equipped With WTR Bearing Heater
May 23, 2018

If you are using a branded bearing, have you experienced a breakage just after it has been used? So, did you investigate the specific reasons? Davi also encountered this problem today. After being checked by engineers, it was confirmed that the customer did not use the correct installation method - bearing heater.

WTR professional engineers warmly reminded that although the genuine brand bearings ensure the high performance of the product itself, it would be wasted if it did not adopt the correct installation method. Although the use of hammering is relatively simple, the bearing damage is too great; although the use of an oil bath is more cost-effective, it is too dangerous. WTR bearing heater - electromagnetic bearing brand bearing with WTR bearing heater, the perfect combination can be a one-stop procurement, to WTR, ensure quality, consulting hotline: 008618562800715