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How About The WTR Brand Bearing Heater Demagnetization Effect?
Mar 05, 2018

Demagnetization is especially important for bearing heaters. Then how about the WTR brand heater demagnetization effect?

Smart bearing heater demagnetization international standard is <2A / CM, WTR heater not only reach this international standard, but also better than this standard. Experiments show that, WTR demagnetization effect can achieve 0.8A / CM. When the pre-set temperature or time is reached, the heater will stop automatically and perform the automatic demagnetization procedure. With the exception of fine dust, demagnetized bearings, couplings, or other heatable toroidal workpieces will not attract any scrap iron.

Well-known brands of smart bearing heaters are particularly demagnetization technology, because it will affect the life of the workpiece. The heater is not only for the correct installation of bearings and other parts, but also to better ensure the accuracy of the installation of parts and working life. Switch on 008618562800715 and you will get more what you need.