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How Should The Bearing Heater Be Repaired?
May 03, 2017

Under the condition of normal bearing heater was to compare wear, jacket, but improper assembly insecurity, lack of lubrication grease or impure and foreign body into the bearing, can cause premature bearing wear. In addition, rings, shaft and bearing cover between the hole and the bearing outer ring rotates, also can make the occurrence of bearing wear. The wear degree of the bearing is determined according to the clearance. If the clearance exceeds the allowable wear allowance, the bearing should be replaced. Replacement of bearings, in principle, should be the same specifications of the bearing. If you do not have the required bearings, can also be used to replace the other specifications of the bearing, but the replacement of the bearing load should be the same or close to the original bearing. If there is a slight difference in the geometric size, you can add a thrust ring or internal and external sets. If the bearing end cover hole loose large circular steel chisel available cover bearing at the end of the room on a row, use the chisel marks on the surface of the burr clamping bearing outer ring, this is just the way he used the emergency, not long. If the processing of surface (especially raceway) rust, put cleaning in gasoline by 00 shabucajing after. If there is a bare crack or broken inside and outside the ring, the bearing should be replaced. In the bearing damage, can also be a number of the same type of bearing off. The use of one of the parts assembled together into a bearing. For the lack of the ball or ball points of damage shaft for the executioner, can be changed without changing the whole ball bearing..