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How To Accept Bearing Induction Heater
Jun 06, 2018

Did you feel that sometimes it was bad to buy something, and it was even worse when receive the goods and accept it. Today, I share the acceptance of bearing induction heater so that you will not be bothered.

1. Appearance: It is a very important item that marks whether the bearing induction heater you purchase is a regular manufacturer, because the packaging of large manufacturers is very standardized, and the uniform is the wooden box packaging. Only in this way can the equipment safely reach the customer site.

2. Product description: This is the necessary information for the equipment, including certificate, packing list, etc. WTR manufacturers are placed in a dedicated portfolio with WTR Logo. At the same time, the sales manager will push the customer's mailbox with an electronic operating instruction. .

3. Accessories: temperature sensor, as a heater that can achieve temperature and time dual control, this is essential.

4. Test machine: At this time you need to warmly remind you to be optimistic about the bearing induction heater instructions, including the power supply is 220V or 380V, if you want to interrupt the operation need to press the stop button for 3 seconds to be able to degaussing, etc. If you still have questions please Call 008618562800715 or write an email to A professional engineer will answer your questions.