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How To Choose The Bearing Heater
May 29, 2018

The old-fashioned language industry specializes in interlacing, such as every other mountain, in the case of fast-paced work, how to choose bearing heater is type of professional things, insight into the industry data, just for you to explore secret .

Each company will define the model of the product for each brand, but basically how to choose bearing heater depends on six parameters, namely the workpiece type, inner diameter, outer diameter, width, weight, and time! The first parameter relates to many workpieces, such as gears, couplings, etc. Therefore, when considering the inner and outer diameters and widths, the selection must pay attention to the maximum weight value. This is critical! If you only heat the bearings, you need to pay attention to the time. For example, the WTR brand product only takes 3 minutes to heat the 10kgs bearings. This is a record in the industry!

There are many unspoken rules in the industry, such as whether the bearing heater has FC, CE, ISO, demagnetization inspection standards, noise standards, etc. Can the product be warranted for five years? These are the factors that fundamentally determine whether or not you want to place orders! Please choose carefully, learn more and more! Service hotline: 008618562800715