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How To Choose The Right Induction Bearing Heater
Mar 12, 2018

There are so many types and models of induction bearing heater on the market. How can we choose the one that suits us best? WTR editor listed the following three aspects here, hope they will be helpful to everyone.


1. Confirm workpiece type that you need to heat, select a series of induction bearing heater based on the the workpiece type.

2. Measure the size range of the heated workpiece to select the heating model. If you need to heat bearings, then we only need to determine the minimum bearing inner diameter and the maximum outer diameter range; if we need to heat the motor end cover, etc., we need to provide the workpiece model and the inner diameter range; most of the required heating The workpiece is selected considering the parameters such as inner and outer diameter and width.

3. For non-standard special workpiece or special heating needs, need to know the workpiece material, workpiece size, interference requirements, the required heating temperature.


If you still cannot find a suitable induction bearing heater after referring to the above points, please contact WTR by or calling 008618562800715.