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How To Install Spherical Roller Bearings
Jun 05, 2018

Any mechanical equipment components need to be perfectly matched. This can achieve the best effect of operation. Therefore, for the spherical roller bearing, which needs to be installed on a large-scale equipment, the entire installation process needs more attention. Warm reminds the following installation precautions:

First, when you receive the spherical roller bearings, the time between the opening of the package and the time of equipment to the equipment is also very particular! In this process, the time interval is short, then only need to cover the bearing with clean wrapper, but if the interval is longer, you need to restore the packaging.

Second, for the self-aligning roller bearing on the lubricant is very familiar with, but for the dust agent is heard less, both of which will be symbiotic in the bearing, so the best before the assembly of the bearing clean cloth wipe the edge of the bearing corner, remove excess dust agent!

Third, the most important installation is to use a bearing heater to ensure zero bearing damage

A good self-aligning roller bearing may not be used properly due to improper installation. Please carefully perform each process before installation.