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How To Solve Special Bearing Heater Voltage And Current
Jun 19, 2018

Recently, WTR Foreign Trade Department successively received bearing heater inquiry from Israel, Thailand and other countries. Foreign machines have special requirements for voltage, frequency, and current. What should we do better solve the export orders that are required to meet this requirement?

Today I will brief you on the orders of Israeli customers. The parts that Israeli customers need to heat have bearings and gears. The diameter of the workpiece is large and the weight is relatively large. Customers have higher requirements for the heating speed. Because it is used on the production line, the requirements for many details are strict. However, the electrical requirements of the customer's plant do not allow the bearing heater to have a large current and power. From the very beginning, the plan received the final order. Amy, WTR engineers and customers of the Ministry of Foreign Trade made great efforts. Finally, WTR engineers made a plan to meet the customer's on-site needs.

Regardless of the requirements of the bearing heater for voltage and current, WTR can always do its best to develop a reasonable plan for you. Call 008618562800715.