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Induction Bearing Heater Manufacturers Who Dare To Compete With SKF
Mar 09, 2018

In the Internet and the physical industry, WTR is a induction bearing heater manufacturers that we all share.

There are so many induction bearing heater manufacturers in China. Why does WTR have more recognition than SKF? Because, WTR is a truly cost-effective bearing heater that meets the interests of the company. In the selection of raw materials, WTR and SKF are the best copper coils and silicon steel sheets. However, because of different design processes. The thermal efficiency of WTR is much higher than the thermal efficiency of SKF heaters. Heating the same type of bearing to 110 degrees, the WTR will soon be able to complete the heating. More importantly, the residual magnetic capacity of the WTR bearing heater is really up to the standard of less than 2A/CM. This item has been tested by the national testing department. There are many places in the machine performance that can be compared with the SKF heater, but the price is much more favorable than the SKF, and it is closer to the economic interests of the company.

Therefore, WTR induction bearing heater manufacturers will strive to do better and make Chinese brands that belong to the world. Service email: