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Intelligence Bearing Heater Demagnetization And Heating Efficiency
May 24, 2018

Demagnetization and heating efficiency is two important criteria for WTR Intelligence Bearing Heater. Do you know the relationship between them?

Everyone wants to buy an intelligence bearing heater that has good demagnetization effect and fast heating speed. But in fact, You can’t find it. If the heating speed is too high, the workpiece is not heated and may cause internal damage. If you want a good demagnetization effect, the workpiece needs to be heated evenly and the demagnetization time is longer.

Regardless of heating control and heating retreat magnetic WTR intelligence bearing heater is in line with international standards. Practitioners 31 years of professional engineers according to your specific requirements and make appropriate adjustments in your R & D design.

WTR intelligent bearing heater, look forward to more exchanges with you. Service Line 008618562800715.