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Intelligent Bearing Heater
Sep 21, 2018

How to solve the tough problems encountered by the factory, at this moment, the need for intelligent bearing heater to appear, which can achieve efficient, environmentally friendly and harmless close-fitting heating installation of the workpiece, this is definitely not a propaganda gimmick! 

Efficient: WTR intelligent bearing heater of the same power compared with other manufacturers, including SKF, can achieve 300% high efficiency for heating and mounting the same workpiece, because it uses high quality silicon steel sheet and pure copper induction coil to ensure The density and low loss of electromagnetic!


 Environmental protection: A device that only needs to be plugged in to complete the entire process. There is no soot, no dust, no noise, no need to worry about the environmental protection department's door-to-door visit! No damage: In order to ensure the worry of the installation of small enterprises, the company has deliberately pulled the equipment to the quality supervision department to make a corresponding test report. The demagnetization standard is less than 2A/CM, which is impossible for any other company, because they can't do it!


 In summary, a smart bearing heater that does not live up to expectations. Consulting hotline: 0086-18562800715 or Email: